Hire a #Businesswriter to Retain Your Customers

by Albert Gichimu

Can a business writer help keep your customers?

Every prospect you interact with is a potential customer. But why should you transform the prospect if you can’t retain your regular customers?

A business writer can help you keep your customers and get new ones. He does this by showing them what you can do for them.

Effective business writing demonstrates the benefits that accrue from prospects engagement with you and your products or services. This is why businesses from around the world spend billions of dollars to hire the services of professional business writers and copywriters.

Why not do the writing yourself?

Because you need to run your business.

On the other hand, writers’ business is to write. Their training and experience make them professionals. They know the kind of language to use to communicate effectively with your customers.

Are you aware that everyday language is not the most effective to retain your customers? Leave alone make a casual acquaintance choose your product or service.

How to Compel Prospects to Contact You

What gets the prospect to pick you from your competitors is your ability to speak to that one person. The way to achieve this is to speak the prospect’s language. This is where a professional business writer comes in.

Am I suggesting there is a language, different from everyday language that speaks to new acquaintances?


Using active language compels prospects to “listen” and act on what you say. Business writers and copywriters use this language to write copy.

But they use the same English language that everybody writes in! Is that what you are thinking?

Well, the language may appear similar. But do you know that the English language has more than a million words?

The secret is to pick the most effective words for the task. Copywriters and professional business writers use words like hunters use arrows. Words are their hunting tools.

The choice of action words determines the efficacy of the message.

This is the reason that at Creative Heritage, we equate choice of the right words to hunting. We go for words that speak directly to your prospects and customers.

Words that elicit action.

Use Professional Writers to Build Customer Relationships

It doesn’t matter that you only write the occasional letter. Your occasional letter might not be good enough to build and maintain relationships with your customers. And what about the prospects you could transform into customers.

You need a business writer to assist you speak to your customers. To target potential new customers. And to keep your business growing.

This brings us to the choice of business communication that you could be giving a pass. And this could be one reason that your business is not growing as it should. It could be the reason uptake of your products and services is not commensurate with the investment that you have sunk into your business.

It doesn’t matter that your business is new or old. Start-ups and veterans need to maintain relationships with their customers. They need to build connections with prospects.

Improve Customer Goodwill by Effective Communication

Every business grows on the goodwill of customers. This is how a prospect chooses one trader from a pool of competitors. It is the reason why a customer changes vendors. The secret is to present your business as the one meriting the customer’s choice.

Effective use of business communication presents you, your services and products as the real deal for customers and potential customers. This means even when you offer similar products to the competition; you have a better chance to appeal to customers and prospects.

Creative Heritage can help you build good customer relations in a number of ways.

·       Website copy

·       Blog posts

·       Online articles

·       Emails

·       Newspaper and magazine features

·       Corporate profiles

·       PR copy

·       Advertising copy

·       Newsletters

·       Trade magazines

·       Brochures

·       Business plans

How do you plan to communicate with your customers and prospects?

Let a Creative Heritage #businesswriter help you put together an effective communication mix.


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